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Cryptolegal connects you with the Best Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors around the globe. Find Vetted and Verified Professionals for getting you started on your Crypto Venture.


We strive to protect your rights, interests & assets. We commit to provide clarity and the best outcome to your legal intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Policy & Research

Avoid federal statutory and regulatory infractions through in-depth policies, procedures, and skillful research.

Regulatory Compliances

Strategic advice on complex regulatory settings and implementation of the latest compliance programs.

Corporate Compliances

In-depth corporate compliance guidance to companies working in the blockchain & cryptocurrency sector.

Token Sale & Exchange Listings

Offer guidance & simplify the token listing process while adhering to applicable federal, state, and securities laws.

Blockchain Advisory & Consultation

Advise clients on a wide variety of legal issues pertaining to blockchain technology and digital assets.

Drafting, Documentation & Review

Drafting and review of various legal documents essential for smooth operation in the digital world.

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Legal Issues Surrounding Cryptocurrency

Legal Issues Surrounding Cryptocurrency

The rising interest in cryptocurrency remains no unknown fact. Amidst the bearish market (that the market currently is), there is a stiff rise in discussions surrounding the legality of cryptocurrency. Although the core existence of cryptocurrency as a financial asset...

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